Donate A Book To Project Cameron’s Story

February is the only time that we actively solicit books. However, we are happy to accept books during other times of the year as well. We are always looking for more people to spread “Cameron’s Story”! Books donated to the cause will be given a special “Project: Cameron’s Story” label, and will include an insert detailing the purpose of the foundation and the benefits of reading to micropreemies and preemies, for both the babies and their parents. ALL books will be donated to the NICU’s at our 12 participating hospitals.

  • Option #1
    Purchase a new children’s book.
    Package the book so it is safe to ship.
  • Option #2
    Select a new children’s book from and let them ship it for you!

Mailing information

Project: Cameron’s Story
7 Faxon Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

Be sure to include the name you would like included on the label for the book. For ex: “The Jones Family”, “In Honor of Baby Kate”, “In Memory of Baby Hughes”, etc.