Project Cameron's Story Annual Bookraiser

“The goal of Project Cameron’s Story is to support the bonding  of parents with their premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), through the use of children’s literature and storytelling. We strive to empower parents to form unique and profound connections with their babies within an environment that is often uncertain and intimidating. Our mission is to place a brand new, quality, children’s book in the hands of every parent of a premature baby upon admission to the 19 of the largest NICU’s across New York State. We, at Project Cameron’s Story, are committed to providing information regarding the benefits of this type of bonding and continue to seek ways to encourage parents to utilize this as one important way to interact with their new little one.”

Project Details

The first time I ever walked into the NICU to see my baby, he looked so fragile. I was a very scared mom. For a short while, I could scarcely touch him due to the doctors and nurses wanting to keep a “womb-like” environment. Then while he was on the special ventilator, I was unable to hold him. For those first few days, I went every day to the NICU and just sat quietly staring at him for hours and hours. I finally decided I needed to find a way to bond with this beautiful little boy so I bought some picture books with lots of words in them – and I just sat with the incubator door open and read. I read, and read, and read, and read. After I became comfortable talking so much with a scripted message (the book), I began verbally telling stories…and then just having full out conversations with him. The payoff? Cameron and I created the closest bond two people can ever have. No matter where I was in a crowded room, if Cameron could hear my voice, he would turn his head and look all over just to find me. And right to the very end, I read and talked and told stories to Cam…those are some of the finest moments of my life…

The books donated will be given to parents in the NICU. So, when a scared new mom enters the NICU to see her baby for the very first time…there, sitting on the incubator, will be a beautiful new children’s book for her to have and read to her baby and eventually take home. It is my greatest hope that others can be helped by Cameron’s story, that they can develop new and powerful ways to bond with their babies. I like to believe that we tried desperately to give Cameron a chance. There are other babies who deserve that opportunity too. Maybe, in some small way this gesture can help other families in similar situations.

We are proud to provide books to the NICU’s at:

  • Albany Medical Center
  • St. Peter’s Hospital
  • Crouse Hospital
  • Bellevue Hospital
  • NY Presbyterian at Stanley Morgan
  • NY Presbyterian at Weil Cornell
  • Stony Brook Hospital
  • UHS Wilson Medical Center
  • John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital
  • Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital
  • Golisano Children’s Hospital
  • Special Care Unit at Glens Falls Hospital
  • North Shore Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital
  • Mount Sinai West Children’s Hospital
  • Flushing Medical Center
  • HCH NYU Langone
  • Vassar Brothers Medical Center
  • Cohen Children’s Medical Center

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