Cameron’s story lives on inside of me

The mission of Project: Cameron’s Story is to support the bonding of parents with their premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), through the use of children’s literature and storytelling. We strive to empower parents to form unique and profound connections with their babies within an environment that is often uncertain and intimidating. Our mission is to place a brand new, quality, children’s book in the hands of every parent of a premature baby upon admission to the NICU.

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Cameron’s Story

From the second he was born, Cameron defied all the odds. Doctors said Cameron would probably not make it through the delivery… but he did. They said he probably would not survive his first 48 hours… but he did. When he had heart surgery at less than 3 weeks of age, the surgeon told us that Cameron probably would not make it through the procedure… but he did.

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Why It’s Not Just a Book

In the beginning I think people felt so badly that we had lost Cameron that if I had asked them to donate plastic bags filled with sand they would have done it – just because I asked them to! Slowly, as the project has grown, more and more people ask about the choice for books. Why books?

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